Our Methodology - MERGE


Mission-Engaged Resources Geared for the Enterprise (MERGE) is AMERICAN SYSTEMS’ Service Delivery Framework. We designed MERGE to ensure we provide top-quality independent services or end-to-end solutions comprising multiple services. MERGE enables us to engage our talents, capabilities, and best practices and thereby enhance and improve our customers mission success.


High levels of quality, performance, and consistency in service delivery do not happen by accident; they are the result of skilled and engaged staff, led by capable managers, all operating under mature and mission aligned processes. For this very reason, AMERICAN SYSTEMS developed and uses its Mission-Engaged Resources Geared for the Enterprise (MERGE) Service Delivery Framework.

How does MERGE work?

MERGE provides a disciplined approach to designing and delivering services and solutions that are process-driven, quality based, and customer focused. Much like well know frameworks such as ITIL, MERGE employs a structured life cycle, focuses on measurable results, and incorporates quality and continuous improvement by design.

Unique to MERGE is our use of Baseline Service Delivery Models (SDM’s). We use SDM’s to capture and leverage our company’s experience. They define the fundamental processes for delivering a specific service (e.g., Application Development, Data Analytics, RMF, etc.) and incorporate industry recognized best practices for specific service areas.  Simply put, MERGE provides the mechanism for each customer program to benefit from the combined and continuously expanding knowledge of our company and staff.

MERGE Lifecycle

Our Corporate Commitment to Quality Service Delivery

Our use of MERGE reflects our commitment to quality. Through dedicated corporate-governance, and company-wide commitment, every employee-owner at AMERICAN SYSTEMS shares MERGE as our common management and technical approach that spans all service offerings.

MERGE promotes customer satisfaction by design, embedding quality functions and promoting repeatable and predictable activities and results.

Our corporate-wide commitment to quality service, supported by our ISO 9001:2015-based Quality Management System (QMS), includes harnessing the continuous improvement feedback that we receive and collect. To facilitate this, we formed a Solution’s Office whose purpose is to provide corporate governance for MERGE. This dedicated team of subject matter experts enables us to maintain and mature our Baseline SDM’s. In this capacity, they engage customer facing programs and company SMEs to capture evolving best practices and lessons learned and in-turn, continuously advance our Baseline SDM’s. This enables us to share our experiences and improvements across many customer mission sets.

MERGE is, therefore, more than a mere framework—it is a "living entity" that is continuously maturing. MERGE is a reliable, efficient, and mission-focused management and technical approach that enables us to integrate our people, processes, and tools into our customers’ value chains.